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Prompted by many years of experience that in principle every painting deserves a frame of its own, we endeavour above all to meet the needs of the painting, that is, to find on the marketplace a frame corresponding to the time in which the painting was done. If we cannot do that, we offer you the making of very high quality frames by experts who can furnish both you and us with a large selection of special models of hand-worked and unique mouldings on the frame market.

Mass market frames are used only for the mounting of screenprints, and even then the choice is adapted to the particular requirements.

If you want, you can have a one-off moulding and frame made, if you have some old pattern.

The mouldings that we are able to provide can be chosen in different versions, gilt or in a precise colour. Each one is special, and if you want a gold frame, we start off from the selection of a base that will glow and go on to all the different kinds of patina.