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Pavla Rittera Vitezovića 6
10000 Zagreb

The Itea Gallery is located in the very centre of the Upper Town in Zagreb, in a setting given its tone by the many museums, galleries and institutions of state.

The building that houses us was built in 1892 by the Schauff family (connected with the current branch of the pl. Cuculićes). The Cuculić Building, we can thus call it, has always been connected with art. A leading singer of the opera in Croatia, Josip Gostić, once lived here; as did Nikola Antolković, art dealer in the post-war period, who had a small restoration workshop in the cellar. On the first floor of this Historicist two-storey building is the showroom of our gallery; in the near future we shall move into the exhibition and sales premises of the Catacomb of this grand corner site.

You might wish to visit in order to buy or sell some work of art, or to frame pictures or restore antique furniture, frame, or just to have a look out the extensive range of our stock.