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The Itea Gallery – Antique Dealers has been a well known name in the artworks and antiques market for a good number of years.

We have officially been in existence since the 1990s, which tells of the quality and stability of our range and the services we provide. The premises we have worked in have changed, but we have always wished to provide more for you, truthful information, the best and highest quality offers, for the sake of the ultimate aim, a satisfied customer, and that is you, you collectors, art lovers, museums, firms and people like you who are just getting into the world of art, in order to be able to own a certain picture, piece of antique furnishing, items of silver, glass, porcelain and so on and enjoy it just as much as we do.

We would like to point out that we were the first to provide a comprehensive range, providing you at the same time with pictures from the periods of modern and contemporary art as well as a broad selection of artworks and antiques from all stylistic periods.

Speaking about our history, we can tell of both the promotion of successful young artists such as Nikolina Ivezić, Lovro Lapuh, Hrvoje Mitrov, Goran Manić, Darko Markić as well as our long term work with artists long who long since made their reputations with prize-winning work, such as Đuro Seder, Boris Bućan, Tihomir Lončar, Željko Lapuh, Željko Kipke, Zoltan Novak, Dalibor Jelavić, Krešimir Nikšić, Dino Trtovac and Nenad Vorih. All this shows that we have played our part in creating and promoting lasting values in our art scene.

We should also refer to our having taken part with our consulting service in furnishing of the highest state institutions in the land with antiques and have also developed long-term work with museums Croatia-wide.

Today it is our wish to provide you with the maximum possible level of services related to the purchase and selection of the work of art. We give you the chance of renovating your pictures and antiques in a single place and finding as much as possible out about them; alternately, we can help you to offer your artworks, should you so wish, for sale.

Our aim to have a permanent address in Zagreb has been achieved; visiting our showroom at the address in the Upper Town, you will get an insight into our capacities and the range that is changing.

By opening up a summer gallery in Sudurad on Sipan island we want to let all of you who have come to this island near Dubrovnik on holiday to take back with you as a memento a bit of Croatian visual art or some antique object that perhaps you have always wanted or that will recall to you some bygone and perhaps better times.

If you want, call us, and our expert staff will be at your service. You can find out about what we can do for you on our Web site. Also very well worth mentioning is that if you have any comments about anything at all, we can adjust our interests to our mutual satisfaction.